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                                         A Story of Love Transcendent


        Based on a true story, Dreams of My Mothers is a powerful account of a boy coming of age, but it is ultimately a story of the redemption and triumph of two women—mothers from the opposite ends of the world and the human condition. Their love for the same child takes them beyond the brink of their personal tragedies and pain to find transformation and life missions they could not have imagined.















         Author Joel Peterson gives us a vivid and gripping story of a biracial, impoverished boy who, through the transcendent love of his mothers, rises above questions of identity, race, physical limitations, and prejudice to become a unique American success story. It touches

Dreams of My Mothers

on all the issues of who we are—as a people, as a nation, and as individuals. Dreams of My Mothers is a story particular to one person, but relevant to all. It is American, yet global. It is a story that is intensely personal, yet universal in its themes and humanness.


         The individual stories engage you and the emotions engulf you. The scenes are keenly tangible and the triumphs are truly real. 


Dreams of My Mothers


Excerpts from the book and author's articles have been published on dozens of different newspapers and publications nationwide:

Reviewer’s Choice Selection:


“Compelling, candid, exceptionally well written, "Dreams Of My Mothers: A Story Of Love Transcendent" is a powerful read that will linger in the mind and memory long after it is finished and set back upon the shelf. Very highly recommended.”

- Midwest Book Review


Dreams of My Mothers is an amazing story of a young man's journey, not only to find his place in the world, but peace within himself. 

- Jill K. Sayre, Award-winning Author of 

The Fairies of Turtle Creek



From the first page to the last, this is an utterly engaging and beautifully crafted story.


                                                                                                                     - Ulrike Guthrie, Editor, Bangor, Maine



Author Joel Peterson has written a gripping book that sheds extraordinary new insights into the American Dream, as well as themes common to all human beings.


                         - Herb Chilstrom, Former presiding bishop of the Evanglical Lutheran Church in America



Joel has the most extraordinary life story I have ever come across in nearly two decades of journalism and I'm so happy to get to share it with a global audience.

                                                                                                                       - Victoria Namkung, Author/journalist






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