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Based on true events, the story covers a span of more than 40 years, but is completely contemporary.  At its heart, the author introduces the reader to a young, destitute peasant woman in the 1960s who is struggling to raise her illegitimate infant, the son of an American GI, in an under-developed South Korea, barely recovering from a brutal civil war. She struggles with her pain from the abandonment by her son’s father and the shame of her poverty-driven prostitution.


Her infant son nearly loses his life in a tragic, horrific accident, making him not only illegitimate, poor, and foreign, but also crippled and disfigured — all the more ostracized and without hope. What future can there be for this desperate, marginalized woman or her son?


The novel equally or more includes a story set in America, where a different young mother gives birth prematurely to a son, with tragic results, leaving her soul and her faith shattered — and questioning all her beliefs. Years later, she is still silently dealing with her pain and anger at her God until she reads an appeal in a magazine article; a call to those who have love enough to save children – from the other side of the planet – who are without a future and without hope.


In the tragedies and triumphs of two mothers from the opposite ends of the world is born a dream and a destiny that must overcome prejudice, racism, ignorance, and individual limitations. This novel is the ultimate story of identity, race, and family, bound up within the dreams, redemption, and love of two women - mothers from the opposite ends of the world and the human condition.  The tale also tells how a young man searches for and finds a lost mother, an identity, a future, and discovers a love he could not have imagined from two extraordinary women.


The story poetically blends the 21st Century's global and domestic themes - race, country, culture, religion, family, and identity.  It builds upon the timeless themes of love, loss, joy, and redemption - set within a rarified, but soul searing backdrop of international and interracial child adoption and a new, breathtaking American Dream.  The story takes the reader on an unforgettable, inspirational journey beyond all expectations and experiences.




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