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Reviewer’s Choice Selection:


“Compelling, candid, exceptionally well written, "Dreams Of My Mothers: A Story Of Love Transcendent" is a powerful read that will linger in the mind and memory long after it is finished and set back upon the shelf. Very highly recommended.”

- Midwest Book Review



Dreams of My Mothers, Joel L. A. Peterson, Huff Publishing Associates - This haunting, beautifully written novel, based on events from the author's life, draws readers into the extraordinary story of two women and the child they both love. Hee Ae is a Korean woman struggling to survive the aftermath of war, abandonment, and discrimination when her infant son's GI father returns to America. Cultural isolation and extreme poverty force her into prostitution, and she turns to alcohol to escape the shame and self-loathing that engulf her. On the other side of the world, Ellen loses faith in God when her premature baby dies—until she reads an article appealing to American families to adopt a biracial child whose future amid cultural bias is hopeless. Noah begins an amazing journey to search for acceptance and personal identity. As one mother's sacrifice relinquishes him to another, renewed faith, strength, and unconditional love will guide him to exceed all expectations for success.


- The U.S. Review of Books



Dreams of My Mothers is an amazing story of a young man's journey, not only to find his place in the world, but peace within himself. Noah is a boy with two mothers, one in Korea and the other in America. At times this book is heartbreaking, at times soul-warming, and often it is wise. It showed me new perspectives that will stay with me always, and the extensive knowledge of the author shines through. Joel L.A. Peterson is a talented writer with an amazing story to tell. This book will appeal to men and women alike and is not to be missed!”


- Jill K. Sayre, Award-winning Author of 

The Fairies of Turtle Creek



“Emotionally charged and powerfully thought provoking, Dreams Of My Mothers is the debut novel by Joel L. A . Peterson. A remarkable tale based on true life events that articulates the complexities, failings, contradictions and triumphs of love and cultural identity.  


Beautifully observed, Peterson faultlessly captures enduring moments in staccato thematic prose, as he ably manifests a world of contrasts, a world his young protagonist must ultimately come to terms with. It’s an incredibly emotive read that will leave few hearts untouched whilst proffering a unique and inspirational perspective on the choices we make and the struggles that ultimately define us.


Told in exquisite prose, yet avoiding unnecessary complexity, Peterson ensures his story is never held hostage to the subject with timely observed relationship dynamics, anecdotes  and social commentary  providing for an often heart wrenching exploration of the enduring power of maternal bonds. It’s a feat to which many debut authors might aspire, but few achieve with such faultless finesse.


A truly memorable and inspiring read, Dreams Of My Mothers  proves a remarkable debut  and one that deserves your attention. Boding well for future releases from Peterson, it is recommended without reservation.”


- BookViral Review



"I was so impressed with this book we are awarding it to our Luce Leaders at a Leadership Reception at the Sri Lankan Mission to the United Nations Feb. 26. We will also review shortly it in The Stewardship Report. Congrats to author Joel L. A. Peterson!"


- Jim Luce

Founder of Orphans International Worldwide and The J. Luce Foundation



"Joel has the most extraordinary life story I have ever come across in nearly two decades of journalism and I'm so happy to get to share it with a global audience."

- Victoria Namkung




"From the first page to the last, this is an utterly engaging and beautifully crafted story.


It balances emotional power with a surprisingly easy-to-follow structure of alternating viewpoints/chapters, and occasional passages of explanation of historical or cultural topics.


Each character is complex but sympathetically drawn. Each main character has his or her own journey and character progression, with its serious tragedies and crises and its moments of joy. Following these smaller narrative arcs within the larger arc of the boy's life makes the reading experience compelling.


I was asked to proofread this project, but the story so engaged me from the first page that I worked on it without pausing, even to eat. Based on my years of experience as an editor and a proofreader, I feel that this will be a best seller.


Beautifully done on all fronts.  I highly recommend Dreams of my Mothers to anyone looking for a quality read."


- Ulrike Guthrie, Editor,

Bangor, Maine




"As a 20+ year publishing veteran, I have seen many different manuscripts on all kinds of topics. Some were memorable to be sure. And some, well, not so much. When I received first-time author Joel Peterson’s draft manuscript of Dreams of My Mothers, I was both surprised and impressed at how skillfully written and inspiring it was. I knew right away this book was beyond special. Aside from the story being unique and full of expansive literary themes, the depth, insights, and descriptions were in a word: extraordinary. The gift to publish this book is one that comes only a few times in a publisher’s career.

I have been fortunate to get to know the man, Joel Peterson, and to work with him on his book Dreams of My Mothers. I believe it is a book that will raise up consciousness and add meaning to the lives of those who read it."

- Bill Huff

Publisher, Huff Publishing Associates




"Author Joel Peterson is a master story teller with a creative writing style that is both vivid and captivating."

Maria Beltran

Readers’ Favorite




"Author Joel Peterson has written a gripping book that sheds extraordinary new insights into the American Dream, as well as themes common to all human beings."


                                    - Herb Chilstrom

Former presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America




"Author Joel L. A. Peterson immediately captures the reader with an evocative and deeply intimate journey that flows from the cascading thoughts of the foundational character, Noah Lindquist.  From the bow of a rusty ferry on the Sea of Japan, to the plush accommodations of a private jet soaring over America’s heartland, Peterson, in penetrating detail and through gasp-generating, unexpected surprises, connects the dots of the leading characters’ extraordinary lives.  Along the way the reader, in complete synch with the key characters, genuinely experiences true epiphanies beyond expectations.


A must read and sure to be a best seller."


- J. Schuyler Sprowles

Publisher, Best Version Media



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